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Museum Night Fever at the War Heritage Institute/Royal Military Museum, Saturday 23 October, from 7 p.m. till 1 a.m.

Come and catch Museum Night Fever on Saturday 23 October 2021. Twenty-nine Brussels museums await you for a roaring night.

The War Heritage Institute/Royal Military Museum is one of them and focuses on its Great Hall, decked out in dazzling colours for the occasion. Plastic artist EloH surprizes both ears and eyes with “Mine de rien”, a trialogue between installation, video mapping and vjing. Through their project “Icarus 80” the students with the “Word” and “Music” sections of the Artistic High School in Brussels revisit the Greek myth by adding a splash of eighties rock ‘n’ roll. Still want more? You are an origami freak? You folded thousands of paper airplanes when you were young? Test your skills and try to win the “WHI Paper Wings 2021” title during a paper airplane throwing championship. Those dreaming of a job as a flight attendant will definitely be interested in all the secrets our volunteers can reveal about our collections. You can even take a seat in a real Boeing that once belonged to our national airline Sabena or in a C-119, a freshly renovated troop transport plane. All this travelling made you hungry? Our Skycafé and our hotdog stand will take care of that!

Pass for sale on www.museumnightfever.be

Royal Military Museum 23/10/2021, 7 p.m.-1 a.m. Event subjected to the Covid Safe Ticket