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Explore the Museum - ARCADE IN 3D

Discovering the Military Museum is not only wandering through various galleries in order to analyse successive wars. It is of course much more, but do you actually know that? Visiting the Royal Military Museum also is enjoying a spectacular view over our lovely capital from the Jubilee Park arcade terraces!

Before experiencing this exceptional event, you are presented with unique collections of military objects, testimonials of a time in which war was fought with panache, with refined weapons and headdresses manufactured by world-renowned gold and silversmiths. A bygone era in which both music and the sound of cannon paced battles and in which spectacle meant to impress the enemy was as important as close combat.

Banker Georges Titeca and Count de Ribaucourt patiently collected sabres, copper items and souvenirs of war; today their collections are famous the world over. Wherever you look in this curio cabinet, you will find beautiful objects laden with symbolism: a Louis XV French Guard grenadier’s mitre or another used by the Prussian army of Frederic the Great, a Belgian grenadiers’ company busby, a French baton or a Prussian Guard hussar sabretache.